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Our culture

We like to work but also simply spend time together. Be it office parties, board game nights, dart championships, or celebrating successes.

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Career autonomy
We work in autonomous agile teams and believe that people can manage themselves and decide how they work.
Career atmosphere
Friendly atmosphere
We cherish an informal and congenial atmosphere. Your jokes, slippers, and pets are welcome in the office.
Career helping
Helping others
We create a safe space where we support each other. So, don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues for help.
Career goal
Goal orientation
We get satisfaction from building cutting-edge solutions and are not afraid to take responsibility.
Career development
We foster self-development and knowledge sharing. You’ll get a training budget, take part in tech meetups, and realize projects of your choice within working hours.
Career like
We communicate openly and transparently with each other and with our clients. Your opinion and needs always matter.

Reap the benefits

Career remote
Remote work
Work the way you like – remotely or from the office, and make use of flexible working hours – you can start your day between 7 and 10 am. Workation is also welcome.
Career health
Health and wellness
Quite obvious but still worth mentioning: we offer private medical care (Luxmed) and a Multisport card co-financing.
Career integration
Integration budget
Every team gets a budget to have a great time together and celebrate their successes. Not to mention regular office parties.
Career development budget
Training budget
You get a training budget that increases with time. Our area leaders will help you follow a best-suited career path.
Career office perks
Office perks
Our kitchen is filled with fruit, snacks, and breakfast options. You can always join a game of darts, foosball, and FIFA.
Career relocation
Relocation budget
Want to move to Wrocław or Białystok? The employees that are needed on site, get PLN 5000, so the transition is as smooth as possible.
Career recommendations
You get PLN 5000 extra for recommending working with us to your friend that will then join NeuroSYS. It applies to technical roles.
Career self development
Self-development time
With your teammates, you can realize projects of your choice or attend conferences within working hours (up to 2 days a month).

NeuroSYS in numbers

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Our locations

You can work from one of our offices or fully remotely. We also offer coworking spaces in the cities where 2 or more employees are located, for the time being in Warsaw, Katowice, and Tricity.

Open positions waiting for you

Business Development Partner (commission-based only)
| Online interview

Couldn’t find anything that suits you?

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Recruitment process

R&D | DevOps
Tester | Office
Project Management | HR | Marketing
Still have some questions? Dig into all the details in a FAQ section.
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Our year-in-review

Check out what happened in NeuroSYS last year: projects, meetups, events, and parties.

Get to know your future colleagues :)


Need more info on the recruitment process and working in NeuroSYS? We’ve got you covered! And if you still can't find what you’re looking for, don't think twice and contact us.
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