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React js development services

React.js development services

Build high-performance, scalable apps with React.js
With React.js, you can build scalable web and hybrid mobile applications that provide an extraordinary user experience. Thanks to the component-based approach, design implementation is fast and easy. React.js will be an excellent choice for building web applications that deal with information that changes dynamically while the app is used.

What is React.js?

User experience

React.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to build whole user interfaces and their components in a convenient way, resulting in an excellent performance and user experience. The tool is supported by Facebook and a vibrant community of developers, getting more and more popular.


React.js allows you to divide your application into several parts (components) and render them in the browser according to certain situations that take place in the application. When there is a change in the data, React.js performs an update but only to the relevant parts, which translates into higher performance and speed improvement. Moreover, the data and interface can be refreshed independently, without reloading the app.
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Why you should consider React.js

It’s an open-source and free-to-use tool (under the MIT license).
Web and mobile
It can be used in any web or mobile app front end.
Thriving community
It’s the 2nd most popular web framework among developers (Stack Overflow).
Being created by Facebook, it guarantees stable development.
Ready to use components
It grants access to a multitude of open-source, ready-made components.
It provides a native-like experience.
Thanks to modularity, it scales up easily

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Features of React.js

Like building with Lego, interfaces based on the React library are composed of ready-made bricks. Such a concept allows us to create abstraction and reusability of previously built components. Consequently, we can deliver our solutions faster. It also results in greater scalability of the products.
Virtual DOM
The DOM (Document Object Model) is an agreement between input and output information. React’s virtual DOM is faster than the conventional model which involves reloading the entire page on each request. In contrast, React’s DOM reloads only specific parts of the page, i.e. only what has changed compared to the previous loading.
React hooks
The new React feature introduced in React 16.8 gives us additional opportunities to reuse business logic. We can create abstract hooks that can be used in various business cases instead of implementing logic completely from scratch. Additionally, there are already numerous open-source libraries that we can use, e.g. react-use.
Design & style
The UI library Ant Design provides a variety of ready-made business components. EmotionJS helps when we use components of a UI library (such as Ant Design) that aren’t visually appealing to our client. With EmotionJS we can style its components so that they meet the most sophisticated tastes.
Redux is a library for managing the application state. Thanks to its well-established position (for the front end) and very good documentation, Redux provides excellent support in quick app development and delivery.

Time travel debugging allows you to easily trace actions performed by users and restore the application’s state from when an error occurred. Redux is based on a functional paradigm, thanks to which the code created is deterministic and easily testable – and resistant to errors.
Typescript & other tools
React.js development can be faster and more efficient thanks to the ready availability of handy tools. TypeScript provides numerous benefits such as better cooperation over the code, self-documentation of the code, and high resistance to errors. Lint and Prettier improve code collaboration and quality.

React-testing-library and Cypress, used to write and conduct tests, bring the obvious benefits from testing. Create React App solves the eternal problem with front-end applications namely their lengthy (and thus costly) configuration. With Create React App we can start building new features with a few commands.

Benefits of React.js

With React.js you can build scalable applications quickly and cost-efficiently.
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Fast development
With React.js you can build web and hybrid mobile apps faster and cheaper, not sacrificing their look and feel. Moreover, thanks to a variety of ready-made tools and libraries, you don’t have to develop them from scratch. Later, you can maintain your IT product with a smaller, more agile development team.
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React.js is a great framework to build reusable and scalable apps and their components. Thanks to its modularity, React.js scales up swimmingly. You can not only bootstrap a product with limited resources but also develop a large enterprise-scale application. A variety of ready-made tools will help you in scaling React apps, such as Prettier, TypeScript, Redux, and others mentioned before.
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Stable and secure
React.js allows for direct work with components and uses one, downward data flow direction. This way, any changes in lower-level structures don’t affect their parents. Moreover, React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and is maintained by Facebook and a vibrant community of developers that keep it incessantly secure.
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Where to use React.js

Cross-platform apps and websites
That are characterized by medium and high complexity
Highly customizable applications
React.js apps can be customized to any level of requirements concerning logic and style.
Highly interactive applications
Apps with dynamic dashboards and reports with interactive features.
Websites with dynamic content
It is easy to render dynamic components and respond to user input.
Apps with streamlined UI
User interfaces are rendered using true native views.
Applications and websites in which performance is key
React offers a lot of performance improvements, crucial if it affects the business directly.
Web Applications
Especially those that should be available also in an offline mode.
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They use React.js

Many widely-known startups and companies take advantage of React.js’s extraordinary features. Just have a look at:

At NeuroSYS, we specialize in custom software development.

We provide a full array of services for streamlining product development, starting from business needs analysis, technical audit, app development, and maintenance. Having nearly 100 developers on board, we’ve delivered numerous React.js projects for companies from various industries, such as e-learning, IoT, and healthcare.

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