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Get ahead of your competition with the use of Artificial Intelligence
It’s high time to use AI-based solutions so that you can step ahead of your competition. In the crossfire of similar products and services, AI saves you time and money and provides a better experience to your customers.
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Leverage your business with Artificial Intelligence

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Maximize effectiveness
AI solutions affect productivity by automating routine tasks. In sales, 40% of time spent on daily tasks could be automated.
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Increase sales
With AI, more clients can be served; service is faster or better suited to their needs. You can recommend products with automated predictions.
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Draw data-based conclusions
By analyzing big data, you can make better business decisions.
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Enhance customer and employee satisfaction
Implement recommender systems and chatbots. Free your staff from mundane tasks.

What is Artificial Intelligence Consulting

World’s tech giants adopt Artificial Intelligence

Major IT and AI consulting companies employ Artificial Intelligence to provide their customers with next-level services. Examples are at hand: Microsoft Azure AI, Google PaLM 2, Google Bard, Apple FaceID, assistant Siri, Amazon recommendation system, Meta AI Sandbox, Nvidia Picasso

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. AI involves the computers' ability to interpret complex data, a task that would typically require human cognition. The objective of AI is to emulate human-like attributes such as pattern recognition, decision-making, and reasoning capabilities.

Why us?

Willing to be a part of the ongoing digital transformation, we work on introducing the benefits of artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies to everyday life. Our strategic approach to projects and vast experience in the AI field resulted in listing NeuroSYS as one of the Top AI Companies on For more information, see our AI case studies.

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Dedicated R&D Departament

Our innovative R&D team utilizes the power of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Augmented Reality, and software development to create advanced solutions that will streamline your and your clients' business operations.

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Building long-lasting partnerships

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Technologies and methods to take your business to a higher level

Major R&D areas
Artificial Intelligence
AI is aimed at creating a simulation of human intelligence by machines. Adopting it helps to fine-tune business forecasting, optimize research and development, fully automate or perform various functions at a lower cost and of higher quality.
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Machine Learning
Creating, deploying, and managing machine learning models used to solve a wide scope of problems, such as natural language processing, image recognition, fraud detection, and predictive maintenance. Created models can be customized for specific needs and integrated with other applications, enabling accurate and reliable results.
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Deep Learning
Neural networks, used in DL, self-learn based on existing data to find patterns and generate predictions about new data. This made already widely used computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing possible.
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Agumented Reality
Enhancing the real surrounding with computer-generated data drastically changes the way how idea testing, demos, training, manufacturing, business workflows and many other processes look like.
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Robotic Process Automation
RPA automates processes with software "bots" that learn and mimic human actions. This unburdens staff from tedious tasks and allows them to focus on more meaningful work. Embrace the digital workforce and improve efficiency with RPA.
Natural Language Processing
Natural language processing involves the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and linguistics to enable machines to identify and comprehend human language, which can be difficult due to exceptions, ambiguities, and contextual nuances.
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Recommender systems
Recommender systems are utilized across different industries to provide users with personalized recommendations based on their preferences, previous actions, ratings, and interests. By suggesting relevant content, they aim to boost sales and engagement.
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Computer Vision
Computer vision algorithms are used to recognize people, places, and objects to collect information, analyze it, and build innovative products. Computer vision solutions support process automation and informed decision-making based on the analysis of collected data.
Predictive modeling
Usage of statistical and machine learning algorithms to predict future events and behaviors based on historical data. Predictive modeling is used in various applications, identifying patterns and relationships beyond what is visible to the naked eye. The technique leverages aggregated data to provide insights enabling informed decisions based on accurate predictions about the future.
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Big data analysis
The combination of unstructured, semistructured, and structured data makes for a priceless asset to utilize in business and scientific operations. Big data brings together data from various sources and applications and its analysis enables uncovering hidden patterns to make better-informed decisions based on in-depth insights.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are cloud computing services meant for developing, testing, and deploying applications. Flexible and cloud solutions support the automation and optimization of mundane operations, contributing to faster decision-making and increased productivity.
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Data Processing
Data processing allows converting its given forms into usable structures, enabling extracting and organizing insights from carried-out operations, discovering dependencies, and seeing the bigger picture behind collected data.
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Audio processing
Artificial intelligence algorithms are used for audio signal processing, recognizing multiple sound categories and human languages. Machine learning solutions understand patterns, distinguish, and interpret sounds recorded by digital devices to be utilized in message dictation, voice communication, and numerous applications across industries.
R&D Consulting Services
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Benefits of AI solutions

We have singled out and depicted exemplary industries that can benefit from AI software solutions and services provided by an Artificial Intelligence consulting company:
Pharma & Microbiology
Aquaculture Farming
AI in Manufacturing
Reduce downtime and increase production efficiency with AI-powered predictive maintenance
Enhance quality control with visual inspection systems
Minimize wastage and reduce costs with optimized supply chain and demand forecasting
Ai consulting manufacturing
Pharma & Microbiology
Identify potential new drugs faster and reduce the time to market
Improve diagnosis and treatment thanks to AI algorithms analyzing and interpreting complex medical data, e.g. microbiome datasets
Automate mundane and repetitive tasks and increase productivity and accuracy in laboratories
Ai consulting pharma
Aquaculture farming
Ensure aquatic organisms’ health and well-being through real-time, AI-powered monitoring
Predict animal behavior and condition to take proactive measures
Analyse data to reduce labor costs and enhance operational efficiency
Ai consulting aquaculture
Turn to precision farming with AI analyzing soil, weather, and other relevant data to guide the precise application of water, fertilizers, and pesticides
Improve crop health and yield while minimizing waste
Use AI for early detection of pests and diseases, enabling quicker response for crop protection
Ai consulting agriculture
Personalize the shopping experience to provide tailored recommendations, enhancing the customer's shopping experience
Manage inventory efficiently, predicting stock demand more accurately, minimizing overstock and stockouts
Automate customer service with AI-powered chatbots for instant support and fast resolving of issues
Ai consulting retail
Improve route planning with historical data, traffic conditions, and other factors to optimize delivery routes
Predict potential equipment failures before they happen, reducing downtime and maintenance costs
Improve warehouse management for increased efficiency and productivity
Ai consulting logistics
Predict failures and schedule maintenance, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency
Analyze energy consumption patterns and adjust systems to optimize energy usage for more sustainable operations
Predict the generation of renewable energy from various sources
Ai consulting energy
Customized learning for each student, adapting to their strengths and weaknesses, leading to better learning speed.
Personalized learning fills skill gaps, boosting engagement and career growth.
Streamline education by automating tasks and optimizing resource usage, reducing costs.
Ai consulting personalized learning

Our Process

How to start an Artificial Intelligence Project? Our process focuses on the following four stages.
We analyze your problem and decide if we can solve it.
We recommend algorithms, technologies, and tools to be used.
We propose an estimated time of delivery and costs and provide a work plan.
This phase includes production, tests, and final deployment.
Our approach


We work with premium AI consultants and modern and reliable technologies carefully tailored to your specific project needs.
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