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Adapt your products and services to modern needs. Improve performance and enhance capabilities of your business with digital solutions.

What is digital transformation?

Do big words like digital disruption sound too intimidating? Think of digital transformation like switching to a newer car to get you further, faster, more comfortable, more cost-efficient. It still has familiar elements you’re used to operating - but better, more innovative to provide the best performance adjusted to your (and your business) needs. This is where your digital transformation journey starts.

Transforming business in line with the newest tech trends helps to increase the quality of services provided. To achieve the best results, companies need to establish specific indicators to be improved. After defining areas of improvement, invest in solutions with measurable benchmarks to assess their efficiency and profitability. Certain efforts should be profitable in the long run and their ROI high, reflecting investment’s gains being favourable to their costs.
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Digital transformation in business

Why transforming your business digitally is a way to remain competitive and relevant? Consider the following and decide how you wish to change your operations to work more effectively.
Improved customer experience
In the current business environment attracting and retaining customers is the key to success. Analysis of business data plays an important role in establishing a customer-centric approach. Digital transformation processes should enable measuring customer satisfaction and recognizing customer concerns and pain points, leading to simplifying points of interaction and providing user-friendly solutions.

Digital adoption in business improves customer experience with the intent to reduce customer churn, increase sales and brand loyalty.
Better data collection
All interactions in the digital environment generate data and modern business relies more on their analysis than the gut feeling when it comes to decision-making. Using adequate tools for data gathering, analysis and providing useful insights leads to a better understanding of customer needs. Catering to these needs helps in shaping modern business models and providing more suitable solutions. Utilizing digital solutions to collect valuable data includes surveys, online tracking, social media monitoring, in-store traffic monitoring, online marketing analytics, giving companies insights into customer behaviour.
Remaining relevant
Reacting to the modern worlds’ requirements and striving to outperform competitors is made easier through incorporating tech tools in the company’s core. As examples of market giants like Netflix show - adaptation to modern needs is necessary, a lesson other companies, like Kodak failed to comprehend on time. In times of booming e-commerce, remote work and Industry 4.0, there is no time to waste any more.

Adopting digital solutions is considered a matter of survival in the modern market by over 25% of companies. However dramatic this may sound, it truly is a “adapt or perish” choice, as the Fortune 500 list shows - even 50% of listed traditional companies dropped of the ranking, not being able to keep up with digitalization.
Responding to new challenges and being aware of the ever-changing business environment requires a flexible approach. Adopting digital solutions allows companies to minimize interruptions and adapt to occurring events. Fuelled by digital transformation and innovative solutions, companies become more agile and customer-adaptive, building digital resilience in the demanding environment.

Another aspect of tech-driven flexibility includes facilitating remote work and recruitment, also outside the current, extraordinary conditions. From the company’s point of view, it’s a chance to build diverse teams, consisting of more engaged staff and accessing international talents, not limited to a local pool of candidates.
Revenue growth
Increasing sales and improving customer retention results from sensible adaptation to modern market requirements. The aim of Digital transformation is to equip companies with the most efficient and suitable tools to achieve their goals in the most effective way. Leveraging tools and technologies for sales & marketing processes (such as sales & marketing automation and analysis, CRM systems, loyalty programs, etc.) will help you boost your revenue and stand out among your competitors, all while staying true to your companies’ DNA.

To prove that all industries can successfully adopt digital solutions to satisfy customers - American fast-food chain, Chipotle, recorded a near 100%-growth in digital business after creating an engaging digital experience for their customers.
Improved resource management
Incorporating technology in business’ everyday life varies by company and industry. In pre-COVID times, some companies used hot-desking (e.g.providing office space for 80% of staff working on-site, with 20% rotating in remote work) to maximize space efficiency, evaluate office equipment and reduce real estate cost through cutting used office space.

The start of the global pandemic showed the importance of using the right tools, enabling fully remote work of whole branches. Adopting tools like Clockify, Teams or Asana to facilitate efficient work became an urgent need and proper choice of digital tools became more important than ever before.

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Digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation steps

There is no universal path to start the digital transformation in your organization. Steps carried out while considering digital solutions are adaptable to companies on various levels and each of them requires attention.
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Mapping needs
Knowing where you are and where do you want to be in a specific time frame helps define the steps of the roadmap. Companies being on various development levels need different tech solutions and often there’s no “one size fits all” option. Transforming the business is a process, not a switch to flip and expect instant results - in manufacturing, for example, implemented innovations may be attributed with a 3-years of ROI.
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Preparing your company for the adaptation of digital solutions should start with establishing a strategy. Digital transformation consultants provide an insightful analysis of solutions’ potential and can adjust them accordingly to your needs. Prioritize areas requiring enhancement and investment in technology to support the process, focusing on the most suitable steps for the stage your company is in.
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Plan significant steps in advance and leave space to add side tasks when they turn out to be necessary. Critical sub-goals need to be completed within defined time frames to enable a successful outcome. Becoming more experienced and mature on the digital journey requires achieving set milestones, varying between companies. Most of the road may be similar, but particular challenges and solutions differ, depending on the organization and its background.
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Scope of transformation
Recognizing needs and requirements leads to applying adequate tools and services to cater for the demand in the most precise way. The key fundamental activities within the transformation process vary for every company. For some, the transformation may be completed by progressing from sticking post-it notes on the wall to using Trello or Kanban boards. Others will need wide-range of IT systems and technologies like RPA, ERP, augmented reality or other to achieve their goals.

Our digital transformation process

Our digital transformation process consists of three stages that let our clients minimize the risk and costs of their products and services.
We analyse and define your needs, conduct a workshop session and propose a transformation roadmap divided into subprojects.
We run product workshops and translate your business needs and requirements into working solutions.
We implement solutions into your operations and services that are flexible and scalable.
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Digital Transformation
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We help companies streamline their processes and improve their products and services with modern solutions. Our expertise in state-of-the-art technology supports business in facing the major change in the times of Industry 4.0.

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